Sitemap - 2021 - American Prestige

E26 - The History of Vietnam, Ep. 5 w/ Sean Fear

Bonus - The Year In Review w/ Matt Christman

Bonus - The Christmas Truce of World War I w/ Terri Blom Crocker

E25 - Joint Comprehensive Plan of Inaction w/ Sina Toossi

Bonus - We Solve the JFK Assassination Mystery, Pt. 2 w/ Aaron Good

E24 - Liberalism and Development w/ Sheyda Jahanbani

Bonus - We Solve the JFK Assassination Mystery, Pt. 1 w/ Aaron Good

E23 - Havana Syndrome w/ Natalie Shure and Bob Wright

Bonus - We Messed with the Zohan w/ Nando Vila and Noah Kulwin

E22 - The Iranian Nuclear Program w/ Sina Toosi

Bonus - The History of the Maccabees w/ Joseph Scales

E21 - The Original Poster w/ Patrick Wyman

Bonus - Narcos-cultura, Ep. 2 w/ Alexander Aviña

E20 - The Tigray Conflict w/ Terje Østebø

Special - Foreign Exchanges Podcast: Wrapping Up COP26 w/ Michael Franczak

Bonus - Narcos-cultura, Ep. 1 w/ Alexander Aviña

E19 - Cuba's American History, Ep. 1 w/ Ada Ferrer

Bonus - AP on This is Revolution Podcast

Bonus - The End of History from the Other Shore w / Jacob Bacharach and Matt Christman

E18 - No White Lotus w/ Sarah Miller-Davenport

Bonus - Duned if You Do, Duned if You Don't w/ Daniel Immerwahr

E17 - The History of Sudan w/ Alden Young

Bonus - The History of Vietnam, Ep. 4 w/ Sean Fear

E16 - Atomic Anxieties w/ Emma Claire Foley and John Carl Baker

Bonus - The History of Vietnam, Ep. 3 w/ Sean Fear

E15 - Illiberal Internationalism w/ Anatol Lieven

Bonus - The History of Vietnam, Ep. 2 w/ Sean Fear

E14 - All Your Bases Are Belong To Us w/ Leah Bolger, Patterson Deppen, and David Vine

Vietnam Series Reading List

Bonus - The History of Vietnam, Ep. 1 w/ Sean Fear

E13 - Unsustainable Development w/ Christy Thornton

Special - Auf Wiedersehen, Merkel

E12 - Inside the Belly of the Beast w/ Kate Kizer

Bonus - Coffee Counter Culture w/ David Parsons

E11 - Oh, the Humanity w/ Samuel Moyn

E10 - So Far from God, So Close to the United States w/ Alexander Aviña

Bonus - I Love the Smell of Gaming in the Morning w/ Clayton Kozan

E9 - Everything You Wanted to Know About Climate Change but Were Too Afraid to Ask w/ Keith Pluymers

E8 - Living on the Edge w/ Emily Atkin

Bonus - Stop the Suicide Squad, I Want to Get Off w/ Matt Christman

E7 - Indecent Interval w/ Spencer Ackerman

Special: Afghanistan Falls

E6 - From BS to MBS w/ Annelle Sheline

Bonus - Four Kings on Three Kings w/ Will Menaker and Matt Christman

E5 - Blues Coups w/ Assal Rad

E4 - Consensus and Sensibility w/ Matt Duss

E3 - Some Like it Cold (War) w/ Aziz Rana

E2 - To Hell and Back w/ Matt Christman

E1 - Ghosting Afghanistan w/ Stephen Wertheim

The World of Early Islam w/ Hamza Zafer

The End of the Cold War w/ Fritz Bartel

The History of Afghanistan w/ Tim Nunan