Nov 4, 2022 • 25M

News Roundup - November 4, 2022

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American Prestige
A podcast from Daniel Bessner and Derek Davison that provides listeners with everything they need to know about what’s going on in the world.
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Back from a residency at The Laugh Factory, it’s Danny and Derek! With news! This week: The return of Bibi in Israel (0:40), the Lebanese parliament struggles to elect a president (4:22), the Social Democrats hang onto power in Denmark (5:20), a Ukraine update (7:35), Imran Khan is shot in Pakistan (10:57), the DPRK responds to more Western military drills with missile tests (13:44), a peace deal in Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict (16:23), M23 once again on the move in the Democratic Republic of Congo (19:26), and Bolsonaro supporters take to the streets in post-election Brazil (22:15).

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Recorded Thursday, November 3, 2022