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News Roundup - March 10, 2023

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American Prestige
A podcast from Daniel Bessner and Derek Davison that provides listeners with everything they need to know about what’s going on in the world.
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It’s not quite Top Gun, but Danny, Derek, and Producer Jake fly high with a special theme song. Otherwise, in news this week: the situation in Bakhamut, Ukraine and a new narrative around the Nord Stream explosion (2:13), a Turkish politics update (8:45), Havana Syndrome is not the greatest threat to US citizens’ health (13:50), the USA is #1 [in arms deals] (16:06), a New Cold War update featuring South Korea patching things up with Japan (18:53), AUKUS making moves (21:27), Biden’s budget for the pacific islands (22:39), and McCarthy possibly pulling a Pelosi in Taiwan (26:41).

Recorded Thursday, March 9, 2023

If you like “New Cold War” and the rest of the show’s music, check out Producer Jake’s band Moloq!

“New Cold War” song lyrics:

Jake: “Tower, this is call sign PRESTIGE. Permission to open up on this balloon bogey.”

Danny: “Roger that. Take ‘em out. Put that shit on TikTok.”

We’ll roast your ass / And we’ll give you cash / It’ll be a blast

Havana microwaves / There’ll be hell to pay /We’re in Taiwan to stay

We’ll make wet markets dry / We’ll blow you sky high / Because the end is nigh

The CCP / You won’t hear that from me / ‘Cause I’m American free, baby