Feb 17 • 29M

News Roundup - February 17, 2023

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American Prestige
A podcast from Daniel Bessner and Derek Davison that provides listeners with everything they need to know about what’s going on in the world.
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If news was a watermelon, Derek would be a prop comic smashing it with a mallet for Danny’s benefit. This week: an update on the earthquake in Turkey and Erdoğan’s response (1:16), Russia makes gains in Ukraine’s Bakhmut (6:11), the fate of Finland’s NATO membership may lie with Turkey (12:54), a series of political arrests in Tunisia (15:41), o senhor Lula vai para Washington (18:12), and a New Cold War Update featuring The Balloon (22:09) and US moves in the South Pacific (26:56).

Recorded Thursday, February 16, 2023