May 2 • 50M

E95 - The American Occupation of China w/ Zach Fredman

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American Prestige
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Danny and Derek welcome to the program Zach Fredman, assistant professor of history at Duke Kunshan University, to discuss his book The Tormented Alliance: American Servicemen and the Occupation of China, 1941–1949. They get into the background of the US military presence in China at the end of “the century of humiliation”, the US-China relationship prior to WWII, General Joseph Stilwell, the day-to-day interactions between American GIs and both Chinese military and civilians, the occupation’s place in the broader American imperial history in East Asia, and more.

Dr. Fredman will be speaking at the Harvard International and Global History Seminar (HIGHS) tomorrow, Wednesday, May 3, which will have a remote option to participate as well.