Sep 5 • 50M

E113 - Muslims and the Making of Modern Europe, Pt. 2 w/ Emily Greble

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American Prestige
A podcast from Daniel Bessner and Derek Davison that provides listeners with everything they need to know about what’s going on in the world.
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Danny and Derek are once again joined by Emily Greble, professor of history at Vanderbilt University, to further discuss the story of Balkan Muslims’ place in the modern European project. They pick up at the formation of Yugoslavia and go into more detail about the rights and protections afforded to the Muslim populations, the sharia mandate, dynamics between the different Muslim communities, what their situations say about liberalism at the time, the impact of Yugoslav democracy and authoritarianism, Balkan Muslim communities’ interactions with the Nazis, and more.

Listen to the first part of the discussion here!

Be sure to grab a copy of Emily’s eponymous book, Muslims and the Making of Modern Europe!