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AP x Nonzero - Israel, Palestine, and US Foreign Policy w/ Robert Wright

AP x Nonzero - Israel, Palestine, and US Foreign Policy w/ Robert Wright


Welcome to the first installment of a collaboration we’re trying between AP and Nonzero Newsletter! Basically, we love the work of Bob and the team so much that we are going to periodically put out crossover episodes between the two projects. Paid subscribers get a discounted membership to Nonzero— just scroll below the paywall near the bottom of the description, where you’ll also find the video for the Overtime segment.

(0:05) Nonzero/American Prestige cocktail with a hybrid episode twist
(1:55) Was Hamas’s attack a predictable response to conditions in Gaza?
(14:15) Did Biden’s foreign policy make the attack more likely?
(24:52) America’s unstrategic Middle East strategy
(30:07) Can anything good come out of the current crisis?
(39:28) The Nonzero/American Prestige crossover arc
(42:11) How to stay sane as a critic of US foreign policy
(47:55) Biden vs Trump: Who’s the lesser evil on foreign policy?
(51:44) Strains within the restrainer coalition
(57:09) Is there any hope left for international law?
(1:06:51) Bob’s pitch for (sober) AI alarmism
(1:11:52) Heading to Overtime—and a special offer for listeners!

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