Please dig deeper into the China covid situation. I live in Hong Kong and know people on the mainland. The situation there is bad and the government is doing everything they can to cover it up.

Here's one small example: They are completely out of basic cold medicine on the mainland. People cannot get aspirin. Families in Hong Kong are shipping cold medicine to their friends and relatives on the mainland. Now we are out of basic cold medicine here while local Covid cases are skyrocketing and around 50 people per day are dying.

The CCP didn't plan their grand reopening well at all.

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Dec 24, 2022·edited Dec 24, 2022

Most likely Aljazeera (Derek's linked source in FX newsletter) is wrong with the part "in Ukraine" in "Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu floated the idea of increasing the Russian troop presence in Ukraine to 1.5 million soldiers". They correctly quote increase to "1.5 million servicemen" (whole Russian military) from the speech, but for some reason make up (?) "in Ukraine". 1.5m in Ukraine makes no sense in any conceivable near or medium term, and German news, for example, has reported as 1.5 million servicemen in whole military; and the meeting discussed state and future of Russian military (posture) as a whole. (Shoigu: "Для гарантирования решения задачи по обеспечиванию военной безопасности Российской Федерации необходимо довести численность вооруженных сил до 1,5 миллиона военнослужащих.")

sry for multiple edits, turned out longer than first intended (:

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Nice intro.

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