I would listen to a whole separate pod with this guy. Great guest.

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Cant wait for more of this! So good!

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Now this is content!

I've read some Fatema Mernissi ("The Veil and the Male Elite") and done some research on my own & the glimpses into early Islam and the political machinations behind the rise of Islam (the near rebellion over women's rights to war booty) and the Qur'an (burning of all its dialect variations, the lack of vowel markers in Arabic writing at that time, etc ).

I want to know more!

Is there a good book or group of books with all this early Islam juiciness?

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The Himyarites had a different language, it was Semitic but not Arabic. There were also Arabic speakers in Himyar, with a highly nonstandard dialect.

The nomads are sometimes called a’raab in the quran, but that is a different word than ‘Arab. [The Arabs in Antiquitiy, Retso]

This professor makes some weird errors.

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