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"They discuss the history of money, the relationship between war and currency" - heh, I am just finishing up David Graeber's "Debt: The First 5,000 Year", and the history of money, and its relationship to the state and war is featured prominently. Looking forward to this listen!

Money is an invented device to control and direct labor and surplus.

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Great episode!

As an Australian I had to laugh when you said that Labor may have to go into coalition with the Greens. This has been the constant attack talking point from the Liberal party.

Labor goes out of its way to distance from the Greens and there is animosity between them as Labor sees the Greens "stealing their voters".

This election was a historic one, the Liberal party had their worst result since their formation, Labor also did not do well, as voters used Australia's preferential voting system well and we now have 12 Independents and 4 Greens in the lower house.

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Sorry. How is Ukraine "none of my business" when absent US funding Ukranian, the war would have been over within a month? As far as I can tell, the US is bankrolling 90% of the effort, providing training and intelligence and amazing political cover. Americans have full right to opine on this war. Bad take Derrick.

But good show.

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Shockingly or unshockingly I went through an entire undergraduate degree in economics without ever hearing the idea that money is backed by the coercive power of the state. This I think is part of why MMT has caught on for a lot of people (despite having some weird/bad stuff), they are pretty frank about it and openly derisive (justifiably) of the explanation that fiat money works because everyone just believes in it.

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