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This series features Nu-Anh Tran, assistant professor at the University of Connecticut, and explores her book Disunion: Anticommunist Nationalism and…
This series features Sean Fear, lecturer in international history at the University of Leeds.
This series features Stefan Eich, assistant professor of government at Georgetown University, and covers his book The Currency of Politics: The…
This series features Noam Chomsky, linguist and antiwar critic. Episode 1 Danny and Derek sit down with Noam Chomsky to discuss his biography and a…
This series features Alexander Aviña, associate professor of history at Arizona State University, and focuses on the Netflix show Narcos and the long…
This series features Ada Ferrer, professor of history and Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU. Get a copy of Dr. Ferrer’s book here. Episode 1…
This series features James Lin, assistant professor of international studies at the University of Washington.
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